One of the greatest tools of comfort and confidence for the actor, or anyone, is the ability to improvise.  My classes take the art of thinking in the moment and playing for fun and make it accessible to anyone who simply shows up and participates. This is NOT a performance troupe or a simple “games” class. The goal is to bring a certain structure to an otherwise unstructured art form. The result is the ability to think quickly, creatively, and effectively in any number of circumstances. As with all my classes, I try to cultivate an open and safe environment where the players can open up and feel free to explore.  I have been performing and teaching improv for over twenty years in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. I use a broad range of games learned from Improv Boston to the Groundlings in LA, and countless troupes and stages in between. A mix of these exercises, games, and techniques  brings a flow of creativity and quick thinking to all levels of improvisers. Don’t let the thought of the unknown scare you anymore!

I also tailor classes to fit corporate communities to promote teamwork, idea development, and general workplace productivity.

ADULT IMPROV: (ages 18+) this is a mixed level improv class (unless otherwise specified). Class is tailored to the levels of the students but covers the spectrum of games to promote creativity and confidence through performance. In fact, every so often, some sessions end with actual performances so students get the benefit of live experience.
1 1/2 -2 hour classes, once a week
Current cost: $40/class
($35 for those ferry commuting)

YOUTH IMPROV: Same as above, geared toward students  ages 13-17.
1 1/2 -2 hour classes, once a week 
Current cost: $30/class

To reserve a space in an upcoming class, please see the CALENDAR.