Back On the Boards: Mamet In May

If you don’t mind a bit of strong language and a little testosterone, come join us on the island for some good old black box theater!

‘Playing 21’ with Jonathan Mangum

For my first installment of “Playing 21 With _____”, where I ask 21 questions (give or take) to a working improv performer, I sat down with Jonathan Mangum. Among his many tv and movie credits (Who’s Line Is It Anyway, The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson), Jonathan can currently be seen co-hosting Let’s Make A […]


I want to see how you deal with what you aren’t prepared for. How YOU deal with that. That is what makes you unique and different from any other actor that played that scene before. Not the words. Not the character. You.


I often get the question: “I understand improv and acting, but how do you teach confidence?” It’s a good question. The easy answer is: I don’t. Confidence is included in the logo here at the Studio because it is a by-product of what we do. I get many people who come through the door not […]

The Pictionary Principle

Those who have taken my class have probably been exposed to my idea of the “Pictionary Principle”.  It relates to your objective in a scene and, more specifically, the tactics that you use to go after it. Too many times we as humans get stuck in one mode of thinking, one method of achieving a […]